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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big is each room (Modern Style)?All six rooms are the same exact size: 22″ h x 19.5″ d x 27.5″ w
  • How big is each room (Country French and Dollie & Me Style)?Four of the rooms are the same exact size: 22″ H x 19.5″ D x 27.5″ W. The “attic” is 58″ wide. At its highest point, it is 22″ high and then tapers down on each side.
  • How big is it?Approx 6′ high and 5′ wide x 2′ deep.
  • How big is the packaging?The carton is approx. 26″ x 61″ x 6″.
  • When will it ship?Orders shipped ground will take approximately 2 weeks to receive. We do have limited quantity, so get your order in now.
  • Does it come with furniture?No, it does not include furniture, accessories, or dolls.
  • What is it made of?The frame is made of 100% pine wood. The boards are made with MDF.
  • I lost my instructions. How can I get another copy?No Problem. Download them here or just email us at
  • Can you paint it?Yes
  • How long does it take to put together?About 2-3 hours. Best with 2 people.
  • Are there any tools?Just a small tool that is included is all that you need.
  • Does it fit AG dolls?Yes, it is specifically made for 18″ dolls.
  • I assembled my dollhouse and the closet rod is too short. What can I do about this?Check to make sure that printed panels Q1 & Q2 are assembled in the correct direction. When these panels are not assembled correctly, it makes the closet rod holders (R1 & R2) sit further apart and therefore the closet rod appears to be too short. You can double check accurate assembly by making sure that the Q1 & Q2 sticker arrows are pointing upward toward the peak of the house.